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Mermaid Princess

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sleeping beauty pink
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Swim in an Ocean of Magic with the Spirited

Mermaid Princess!

Immerse your child and their friends in underwater wonders, vibrant melodies, and unforgettable adventures!

You can either splash into a world beneath the waves with the Mermaid Princess adorned in her shimmering tail and flowing fins, or invite her to become part of your world on her human legs and dazzling, teal ballgown. Her iconic red hair mirrors the vibrancy of her character.

Join the Mermaid Princess in a sea of captivating stories and songs as she encourages little ones to dive into their imaginations, overcome their fears, and embrace their true selves.

Let your celebration be touched by the sea-inspired spirit of the Mermaid Princess, creating memories as timeless as the ocean itself!

Hear this character sing!


Outfit Options:



mermaid princess
mermaid princess
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