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Snow White


Hear this character sing!

apple snow white
bird singing snow white

Share smiles, songs, and gooseberry pie with

Snow White!

Does your child love making friends, singing with the birds, and whistling while they work? If so, we couldn't imagine a more magical experience than a party with Snow White! With her skirt as yellow as sunshine, a skip in her step, and a red bow adorned with a gem straight from the diamond mine, this princess is sure to sparkle and shine at your party or event!

This magical character loves picking berries, baking pies, and spending time with her animal friends; but most of all, she enjoys teaching children about kindness, friendship, being brave, and finding the fun in everything--even hard work!

Snow White loves sharing her inspiring story with new friends, 'baking friendship pies'  together, and showing everyone the best way to make wishes in the wishing well; and she knows they're sure to come true!

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